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Operational risk groups & communities

Collaborating to enhance op risk management

One of the key benefits of ORX Membership or subscribing to our services is the opportunity to join one of our communities or working groups of operational risk professionals. Through these groups, you can interact with your peers on areas that you are especially knowledgeable or interested in, take part in projects and join regular calls and webinars.

Explore all our groups below and click through to find out more and sign up. You can also see a list of meetings and topics for the coming months on our calendar page.

What's the difference between a working group and a community?

Joining our communities are a good way of staying up to date with our work on that topic. You'll receive regular updates, have the chance to join online discussions and be invited to take part in relevant projects. You can choose how much you get involved with that community's activities.

Working groups are part of the wider communities and are made up of a smaller group of representatives from our member or subscribing firms. Participants are expected to attend and engage in regular online meetings and work on specific tasks and projects. Working groups also help steer the topic agenda for the communities.


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