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Community, insights and data to power risk management

The world around us is becoming increasingly fast-paced and digital, so it’s crucial to have the right support for your evolving risk practices. Join more than 100 financial firms around the world that choose to manage operational and non-financial risk with ORX.

As the largest operational risk management association in the financial sector, we bring together a global community of operational and non-financial risk professionals to share insights, data and best practice. Through our award-winning industry standards, our research and our unparalleled operational risk loss database, you can access the tools and information you need to support risk management at your organisation.



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Supporting you in five key areas

With ORX Membership you can access data and resources, join communities and working groups and take part in projects focused on five key areas of operational risk management.

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Standards, Taxonomies & Libraries

Ensure the foundations of your operational risk management are in line with the rest of the industry with access to libraries and references developed using information from financial institutions around the globe.

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Risk Landscape

Understand the current operational risk landscape and be prepared for the key risks that could be coming your way in the future with annual horizon studies and top risk reviews.

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Management, Practice & Framework

Stay on top of the latest leading practice and see how you compare through reports, benchmarks and communities focused on a range of operational risk management and framework areas.

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Measurement, Data & Capital

From advanced analytics to stress testing and capital methodology, our data, activities and resources can help you better measure and understand operational risk.

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Leadership, Strategy & Advancing Op Risk  

Make sure you’re at the forefront of operational risk strategy and become part of global a community of senior risk managers setting the direction of the operational risk discipline.

The ORX Membership Community


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What do you get with ORX Membership?

ORX Membership is open to banks, insurers and asset management firms based all around the world.

If your firm joins ORX, you’ll become part of a global community working together to develop operational risk management. ORX members can take part in our global loss data services, join projects and attend invitation-only events. ORX members also get access to an extensive library of resources, including reports, benchmarks and industry standards and libraries.


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“ORX plays a key role in leading industry research and development of operational risk measurement and management practices.”

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How much does it cost to become a member of ORX?

The 2024 annual ORX Membership subscription is £44,000. There is also a one-off joining fee of £55,000.

When your firm becomes a member of ORX, you and your colleagues will join a global community of operational risk professionals, you'll be able to take part in the global loss data exchange for your sector and you'll be able to participate in as many projects, working groups and events as you like. When you join ORX, anyone can register from your firm to access website content.

Who can join ORX

ORX Membership is open to financial organisations based all over the world, including banks, insurers and asset managers (we don't offer membership to individuals).
To join ORX, your organisation needs to be able to submit data in line with the ORX Operational Risk Reporting Standards so that you can take part in our global loss data services. If you're interested in joining but are not sure if you would meet the requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. We can also talk to you about a more bespoke package to suit your needs.

Can I join ORX as an individual?

Unfortunately, ORX Membership and our services are only open to organisations, not individuals. However, you can sign up to our free newsletter to benefit from free insights and highlights. And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Do you only work with financial firms?

ORX Membership is only available to financial firms because they must be able to submit operational risk loss data in line with our standards. However, non-financial organisations can subscribe to our premium services (ORX Cyber, ORX News and ORX Scenarios) so take a look at those and please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Which firms are members of ORX?

Take a look at the ORX Membership map to see who else is part of our community.

See who else is a member of ORX

What do I get as an ORX member?

The table below shows you the range of things you’ll be able to benefit from as an ORX member. Explore our website to see the full range of our work.


Global operational risk loss data (banking or insurance) ✔️
Operational risk studies ✔️
Benchmarks ✔️
Published reports & papers ✔️
Reference taxonomies ✔️
Reference libraries ✔️
Reporting standards ✔️
Communities ✔️
Working groups ✔️
Forums ✔️
Roundtables ✔️
Webinars ✔️
Thought leadership ✔️
ORX News Add-on
ORX Cyber Add-on
ORX Scenarios Add-on
Regional loss data Add-on
ORX Correlation Tool Add-on


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