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The largest operational risk management association in financial services

For over 20 years, we’ve been developing a global community of financial institutions committed to improving the management and measurement of operational risk.

Owned and driven by our member institutions, we bring together hundreds of operational risk professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experience in the financial services industry. We are a not-for-profit industry association incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland. 





To act as a trusted partner to financial institutions, continually advancing and championing the operational and non-financial risk discipline in order to safeguard the reputation of the global financial services sector. We will achieve this by providing innovative, actionable and high value services that enable the simple exchange of data, ideas and experiences amongst a growing community of risk professionals.

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A future where financial institutions are prepared and resilient, protecting the global economy and all of us from inevitable risks in our constantly evolving world.

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We are trusted | We explore new ideas | We get things done | We make progress together

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Our global community


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The three pillars of ORX


Community & collaboration

ORX is built on a platform of sharing and working together. Through ORX, our community shares insights, knowledge and data, developing best practice. The success of everything we do rests on this.

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Data & standards

Consistent standards and good-quality data are the cornerstones of managing and measuring operational and non-financial risk. We develop foundational standards for the industry and provide our community with vital operational risk data.


Developing solutions

We want you to be ready to manage the risks in today’s fast-changing landscape. That’s why we’re now focusing on developing innovative tech solutions  leveraging our data, standards and community.

How do we support operational risk teams?

Through ORX Membership and our services, we help financial institutions better manage, measure and understand operational risk.

We work with our community to solve challenges and develop solutions. We enable financial organisations to share operational risk loss data, to see how their practice compares to peers and provide opportunities for collaboration and networking.

“ORX plays a key role in leading industry research and development of operational risk measurement and management practices.”

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Celebrating 20 years of ORX

We’re delighted to have been supporting operational risk teams across the globe for more than 20 years. When we were first set up by our founding members, we were focused on how we could enable them to securely and anonymously share loss data. Since then we’ve grown to working with 120+ financial organisations and do much more than loss data.

Watch Simon Wills, Former Executive Director of ORX and Roland Kennett, Membership Director discussing how ORX has changed over the years

Meet the ORX Executive Team


Luke Carrivick

Executive Director

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Steve Bishop

Research & Information Director

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Roland Kennett

Membership Director

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Esther Renfrew

People & Operations Director

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Explore ORX and see how you could become part of our community

ORX Membership

Join a global community of operational risk experts. Become an ORX member today for access to global loss data, resources, research, events and much more…


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ORX News

Get valuable insights from publicly-reported loss events. Subscribe to ORX News for information on operational risk loss events from around the globe.


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ORX Scenarios

Developed specifically for scenario practitioners, ORX Scenarios gives you access to a global network of scenarios experts, an extensive scenario library, handbooks, practice papers and more.


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ORX Cyber

ORX Cyber combines cyber event data exchange with collaboration and research to provide the second line with the insights and information they need for effective cyber risk management.


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