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Enhance your scenario programme with ORX Scenarios

Tools, resources and information to support operational risk scenario practice


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Save time and money and improve your scenario practice

Scenarios are a key factor in measuring and managing operational risk across the financial services industry. ORX Scenarios gives scenario practitioners practical tools and information to help them create and review operational risk scenarios.

With ORX Scenarios, you can compare your scenario portfolio and methods against your peers to ensure full coverage of the most relevant scenarios. You can also become part of an active global community of operational risk scenario experts who meet regularly to solve challenges, discuss ideas and share expertise.

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Why subscribe to ORX Scenarios?

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Join a global network

Become part of an active community of scenario practitioners from around the world. Join regular online discussion groups and be invited to in-person events to discuss challenges and share solutions with your peers.

ORX Scenarios Community
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Improve your practice

ORX Scenarios provides lots of opportunities for you to enhance your practice. Our practice notes cover the end-to-end scenario process, while leading papers and benchmarks allow you to see how you compare to other firms and follow industry practice.

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Data and intelligence

Access an industry-leading scenario library, containing quality scenarios from other financial firms, helping you to identify gaps, create new scenarios and validate your existing ones. Risk Driver Workbooks and Risk Intelligence Packs cover key risks and provide information on drivers, causes and impacts.

ORX Scenarios Library

The ORX Scenarios Community

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The ORX Scenarios Library

By subscribing to ORX Scenarios, you gain access to our Scenario Library. Updated each year, the Scenario Library is a comprehensive database for scenario practitioners. Subscribers can use it to compare and benchmark their scenarios to help them create new scenarios and facilitate discussions. The library currently contains almost 800 scenarios across different business lines, sizes and regions.

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Find out more about ORX Scenarios

"The ORX Scenario Library is used as a reference as well as a guide to identify relevant scenario topics trending across the globe and our local geography. Sometimes, these topics help us to drive internal discussions with stakeholders to identify unexpected risks and associated narratives."

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ORX Scenarios FAQs

How much does it cost to subscribe to ORX Scenarios?

The annual subscription fee for ORX Scenarios in 2024 is £22,500 per institution. Or, if your firm is currently a member of ORX then you pay just £10,600, saving over 50% on the full price! Book a short call to find out how the service can support scenario practice at your firm.

Do I need to be a member of ORX to subscribe to ORX Scenarios?

You don’t need to be a member of ORX to subscribe to ORX Scenarios.

Which firms subscribe to ORX Scenarios?

Take a look at the ORX Scenarios map to see who is part of our community.

See who else subscribes to ORX Scenarios

What’s included in the ORX Scenarios subscription?

  • Virtual ORX Scenarios Working Group
  • Scenario Library
  • ORX Scenarios Forum
  • Risk Driver and Cost Component Workbooks
  • Scenario-focused research studies and benchmarks
  • Scenario Practice Notes
  • Leading Practice Papers
  • Scenario Development Handbooks