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Operational risk loss data exchange for financial services

Securely share and access high-quality operational risk loss data through ORX


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“The ORX loss data information allows us to compare loss experience against our peers and identify areas for focusing our loss mitigation efforts and resources.” 

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Safe and secure data exchange for banks and insurers

Our global operational risk loss database was why ORX was originally established. While we do much more than this today, operational risk loss data remains a core service from ORX.

We provide two global loss data exchanges to our members – one for the banking sector and one for insurance. In addition to our global loss data services, we run six regional services which allow financial firms based in specific regions to share data with their geographical peers.

All our data exchanges allow participants to securely and anonymously share operational risk loss data to use for benchmarking and analysis. The global loss data is only available to ORX members, while most financial firms can subscribe to the regional services. 

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Global Banking Loss Data Service

The service lets banks exchange information relating to operational risk losses in a completely secure and anonymised way through our bespoke Insight institutions around the globe.

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Global Insurance Loss Data Service

Created with the support of our insurance members, this service lets insurance firms exchange operational risk loss data in a completely secure and anonymised way through our bespoke Insight system.

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Regional Loss Data Services

Our regional services allow firms to share a bespoke operational risk dataset, and to perform benchmarks and analysis against a targeted set of data. The services provide invaluable insight into the losses suffered in your area. 

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How does it work?

Our loss data services allow you to easily do benchmarking, capital calculation and scenario analysis, supporting decision-making.

Every quarter, participants of each service anonymously upload their loss data to our secure, purpose-built system. All firms must submit data in line with the relevant operational risk reporting standards (one for banking and one for insurance).

The global services allow you to exchange data and benchmark yourselves against your peers from around the world, helping you see the big picture. While our regional services allow you to access data and reports based on your geographical location.

Find out more about our loss data services

How we anonymise operational risk loss data

Watch the video to find out how ORX makes sure that your operational risk loss data stays safe, secure and confidential.


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“The high-quality data we receive from ORX is an essential part of our approach to measuring operational risk."

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