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Access global operational risk data

The first service we offered our members, the Global Banking Loss Data Service remains a key part of what we do.

The service lets banks exchange information relating to operational risk losses in a completely secure and anonymised way through our bespoke Insight system.

If your bank is a member of ORX, then you have access to a wealth of data to support operational risk management and measurement. To be part of ORX's Global Banking Loss Data Service you must be a member of ORX.

To ensure that our members receive high-quality data in a standard, comparable format, all data is submitted in line with the freely-available ORX Banking Operational Risk Reporting Standards.

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Four submissions a year

Data is submitted by our members four times a year (known as a data cycle). Once all the data has been uploaded, it is checked for quality before being made available to all service users for analysis and reporting.

Reports to help you analyse the data

Run pre-built reports to easily analyse the data, including benchmarks and line-by-line event data. These reports are designed to help you find the answers to important questions.

Download the data

Alternatively, you can download the data to perform your own analysis and focus on the areas of most interest to you to and support modelling and risk management.

How you can use the data

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Compare your institution to your global peers.

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Get trusted data to improve decision making.

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Scenario analysis

Use the data to generate and validate scenarios.

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Information, guides and templates

If you're already part of the ORX Global Banking Loss Data Service, then you can visit this page for further information and support for data submission, including data cycle dates, upload templates and user guides.

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ORX Membership

To join our Global Loss Data Banking Service, you need to be a member of ORX. As well as access to industry-leading operational risk loss data, joining ORX gives you the chance to be part of global network of operational risk professionals working together to advance operational risk management.

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Banking Operational Risk Reporting Standards

The Banking Operational Risk Reporting Standards (B-ORRS) sets out the standards that our banking members use to report operational risk losses to ORX.


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