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Workbooks - October 2023

The Scenario Analysis Workbook series from ORX Scenarios provides practical support for developing, analysing, and reviewing the key quantitative and qualitative components of the most material scenarios in our subscribers’ portfolios.

Using relevant scenarios from the Scenario Library, each workbook in the series offers an exhaustive and fully standardised view of current industry scenario assumptions related to a given level 2 risk type from the ORX Event Type Operational Risk Reference Taxonomy.

The workbooks help to make the scenario development and review process more efficient, more comprehensive, and more reliable.

The ORX Scenarios team will publish new workbooks each month, with the aim of covering all level 2 risk types in the ORX Event Type Reference Taxonomy.  The Scenario Analysis Workbooks are available to all ORX Scenario subscribers.

Recently published workbooks

  • Cyber risk events
  • Damage to organisation's physical assets

About the workbooks

Each Scenario Analysis Workbook provides:

  • Up-to-date data-driven scenario analysis guidance based on current industry trends identified in the Scenario Library
  • A comprehensively standardised view of current industry data, with all key scenario components being mapped to relevant ORX categorisations (event, causes, impacts, controls, drivers)
  • One or more scenario examples illustrating the main storyline theme(s) contained in the Scenario Library for the relevant risk type

How to use the workbooks to support your scenario analysis

Subscribers can use each workbook to:

  • Understand and identify the core components of an level 2-specific scenario against the industry’s most common components for that type of scenario
  • Ensure all the relevant financial impacts and risk drivers have been considered in their scenario and assess the relationships between impacts and drivers against the strongest associations identified from current industry data
  • Build or review a full scenario, including its storyline and associated qualitative and quantitative components.

Covering level 2 operational risks

Each month, the ORX Scenarios team will publish one or two new workbooks with the aim of developing a series covering all level 2 risk types in the ORX Event Type Operational Risk Reference Taxonomy. 

As this is a new series, we encourage our subscribers to provide feedback on the workbooks – your comments and suggestions will help improve subsequent iterations to ensure the series meets your needs.

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The Scenario Analysis Workbooks are available as part of the ORX Scenarios service.

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