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Handbook - January 2024

Updated for 2024, the Scenario Reference Handbook is a one-stop-shop guide to good scenario practice from ORX Scenarios. 

This handbook is a single point of reference for second line (2LOD) operational risk scenario practitioners looking to develop or enhance the main aspects of their scenario programme.

Developed in collaboration with ORX Scenarios subscribers, it sets out good practice guidance at each stage of the end-to-end scenario process based on the information, research, and reference documentation developed by the ORX Scenarios service. 


About the handbook

The handbook provides ORX Scenarios subscribers with a comprehensive roadmap, helping them to improve all aspects of their scenario process. It can also help subscribers to get the most from the resources available through ORX Scenarios.

The handbook can be used to: 

  • Support the development of a new scenario programme founded on the building blocks of core practice
  • Help enhance existing programmes to achieve advanced practice in any area of the scenario process

The handbook provides: 

  • A list of key actions for driving good practice
  • Links to all relevant ORX Scenarios resources

Developed with and for the ORX Scenarios Community, the handbook is a continually evolving document that will be regularly updated to capture subscribers’ feedback, developments in key practice areas, and further guidance based on new ORX Scenarios publications.  

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Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

ORX Scenarios Senior Manager, ORX

Robert Reay-Jones

Robert Reay-Jones

Research Manager, ORX


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