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Top takeaways from the ORX News In Focus Webinar 2023


The ORX News team hosted their second ORX News In Focus Webinar on 4 October 2023, where they shared updates on 'What’s happening in the op risk world'.

The session included the latest industry loss events, along with trends, themes and analysis. They also looked at the most recent podcasts and key global developments. Read on for the key highlights and to watch the full recording of the webinar.

Key highlights from the webinar 

The ORX News team provided insights into reported losses and trends across the industry, giving participants a view of the current operational risk landscape. They also covered a selection of useful resources such as the Greenwashing Scenario Toolkit.

The team looked at losses for the first half of 2023, which so far show Retail Banking is the most impacted Business Line, while Conduct is the top risk type. ORX News subscribers can find out more about the top losses of H1 2023 in the Mid-Year Review or using the Data Explorer. They also covered the topic of climate, in response to the increasing focus from regulators and operational risk teams, looking at recently reported climate events and how to find them on the ORX News platform.

Our Head of Services, Helen L’ Abbate, gave an update from the ORX Cyber service with some key takeaways from the recent ORX Cyber Forum in New York. The ORX News team then delved into the topics of Information Security and Operational Resilience, spotlighting key events which highlight the importance of third-party risk management.


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