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Report - November 2023

The Top Risk Review provides insights into the key current top operational risks facing the financial services industry.

An industry view of the risk landscape

Our twice-yearly Top Risk Reviews provide an industry-wide picture of risk profiles. They are based on insights from operational risk professionals from financial services organisations around the world.

Each participating individual shares their personal views on the most concerning material risks facing the industry today. They also share what they believe is driving any changes.

You can use Top Risk Review to validate and challenge your risk profile against the 16 material risks assessed, with a focus on the top five material risks identified and the effectiveness of risk management practices. It also provides comparisons and commentary on changes in trends since last year.

More than 120 risk experts from 70 financial firms took part in the November 2023 review. The participants came from the first and second lines of defence in both the banking and insurance sectors, with responses from individuals based in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Buy the Top Risk Review today to make sure you've got the right risks on your agenda. The report is available to purchase for just £1000. Or, if your firm is a member of ORX you can download it for free.

What's in the report?

The report provides up-to-date insights into the current top operational risks facing the financial services industry, with results based on the personal opinions of risk professionals from across our global membership of financial firms.

The report is over 35 pages long and includes:

  • Headline findings and key themes
  • Details on top risk movement over time
  • An individual focus on each of the top five risks
  • A special section exploring the threat of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Key drivers of each risk
  • Regional and industry breakdowns
  • An illustration of the distribution of scores across all 16 risks


“As organisations continue to make improvements to their risk management practices, average materiality scores have reduced across all but three risks (Third Party, Technology and Model) since our last review.”

ORX Top Risk Review November 2023

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Chart showing top risk movement over time Top Risk Review November 2023

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Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop

Research and Information Director, ORX

Matt Glinister

Matt Glinister

Head of Risk Management, ORX

Emilie Odin

Emilie Odin

Research Manager, ORX

Cameron Harvie

Cameron Harvie

Research Analyst, ORX


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