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Report - November 2023

Each year, following the annual scenario submissions, we produce a report exploring the trends and changes we can see in the ORX Scenarios Library. 

Developed using data and information shared by 65 financial institutions, the ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2023 report provides a global picture of operational risk scenario portfolio trends. 

Download the report to:

  • Learn about the most material risk concerns identified in the ORX Scenario Library
  • Compare this year’s key scenario trends against the top trends identified in 2023 to understand evolutions in scenario priorities 
  • Understand how these trends compare to the wider risk landscape explored in recent ORX studies on material and emerging risks 
  • Consider the potential future direction of travel for operational risk scenario analysis 

ORX Scenarios subscribers and ORX members can download the full report for our complete analysis. If you're not a member or subscriber then you can download a free summary.

"The 2023 Library now contains more than 20 new scenarios classified under ORX’s scenario categories of climate change-related physical and transition risk events. These reflect the increased regulatory and societal focus on climate change concerns."

ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2023

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Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

ORX Scenarios Senior Manager, ORX

Robert Reay-Jones

Robert Reay-Jones

Research Manager, ORX

Helen L’Abbate

Helen L’Abbate

Head of Services, ORX

Mia Davies

Mia Davies

Junior Research Analyst, ORX


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