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Key trends in operational risk scenarios from the 2023 ORX Scenarios Library 

9 November 2023

About the episode

In this episode of the ORX Operational Risk Podcast, the ORX Scenarios team discuss the key trends we’ve seen from this year’s ORX Scenario Library. The Scenario Library is a comprehensive database of operational risk scenarios submitted by our subscribers each year. It currently contains over 1000 quality assured scenarios across different business lines, sizes and regions shared by over 60 firms.

The team cover key trends from this year’s library submissions, including the rise of Information Security risk, which is now the most represented risk type in the Library ahead of conduct. They then look at the top risks and their profiles and do a more in-depth dive into climate risk scenarios.

The full report is now available to all ORX Scenarios subscribers and ORX members here, and a free summary will be available to download soon.

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This podcast is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify or anywhere else you get your podcasts from (search for 'The ORX Operational Risk Podcast' to find us.)

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