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ORX News Q2 2024 Updates: New releases, Deep Dives, reports & more


ORX News featured several new releases this quarter, including new Deep Dive reports, In Focus reports, Top 5 losses, and podcasts.

Explore new Deep Dives

In addition to our regular Deep Dives, this year we are producing quarterly Data Deep Dives. These are themed systematic reports, which include charts, comparisons of the top largest losses, and additional insights on selected Level 1 Risks.

Annual Banking Loss Report Cover (3)
  • Data Deep Dive - Internal Fraud - explores related operational risk loss events using the structure of the bow tie model. It highlights commonality between major events by focusing in turn on internal and external causes, remedial measures, and financial and non-financial impacts.
  • Data Deep Dive – Data Management and Information Security - focuses on internal and external risk factors with data management and information security, common remedial measures, common cost components, common non-financial impacts, and cumulative loss and scenario distribution.
Deep Dives offer firms a means to obtain a detailed report on specific events, detailing internal and external risk factors, remedial measures and impact amongst other themes. If you are a subscriber, you get access to over 100 Deep Dives from the ORX News database. You can read some of the latest ones here: 

Not an ORX News subscriber? You can read a few of our Deep Dives and see what subscribers have access to here


“We are excited to showcase our new data visuals and explorer, revealing insights from ORX News data through interactive navigation. This will give our subscribers a way to unveil proportions, frequency, and severity in a vivid, dynamic tapestry.

Lily Richardson, ORX News Manager

The ORX News team has several new informative resources this quarter including  In Focus, Top 5 losses, and Podcasts.

New In Focus and editorial content

In our In Focus reports, we delve into the wealth of data collected by ORX News to analyse and highlight trends. These reports provide valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of risk management, shedding light on key issues and developments that can impact organisations across the financial sector.

Here are a few of our recent In Focus pieces:

Top 5 operational risk losses

We publish a list of the monthly five largest operational risk losses. Read on to find out which operational risk loss events have had the most impact in Q2 2024.


The ORX News team record a monthly episode of our ORX Operational Risk Podcast covering the five largest operational risk losses for that month, as well key current operation risk events from across the globe. This podcast is freely available to anyone, including non-subscribers and non-members. 

Listen to some of our most recent podcasts:

Annual Banking Loss Report Cover (4)ORX News Webinar 

ORX News will host a webinar on October 9 featuring two sessions for subscribers to attend.

Find out more about the event.


About ORX News

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