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ORX Membership activity plan for 2024


Take a look at our high-level plan of ORX Membership activities in 2024 and find out how you can get involved. As usual, we'll add more projects throughout the year as our working groups and communities get underway.

Last year we told you that ORX would focus on three key areas:

  1. Developing our community for sharing insights, data and best practice
  2. Creating standards and industry references  to support the foundations of good risk management
  3. Exploring how technology can deliver improved risk management

In 2024, we are continuing to build on these themes, delivering a range of innovative and impactful initiatives to support risk management.

Headline activities in 2024

As always, we have a wide range of research studies, papers and events planned for this year. You can find the latest updates and resources on our website. Visit our events page to take a look at our upcoming forums, check out the resources page for our latest publications and keep an eye out on our projects page and individual community and working group pages to see what we're working on currently. Download the full pack for a more detailed look at our schedule for the year, or read on for highlights of our activity.

ORX Membership in 2024: Activity plan

Championing the discipline​

This year, we are working with senior leaders from our member firms to produce a thought leadership study which will provide a new vision for operational and non-financial risk. Our members have confirmed that this is the right time for a new vision and we recognise that there is appetite for new thinking. The study will be produced in collaboration with our LeadersConnect community, who will help drive and shape this work through LeadersConnect virtual meetings and LeadersConnect Live.

Delivering a new reference library

We will develop a new Reference Process/Critical Services Library, adding to our existing suite of operational and non-financial risk references and standards. This new library will help you understand your risks and controls in line with key processes and critical services. Like our current reference libraries, you’ll be able to use it for benchmarking to see how you compare to the industry and to fill in gaps in your own library.

Focusing on active risk management and understanding the landscape

A theme in our work over recent years has been a spotlight on active and optimised risk management. Last year, we published a review of the progress our members are making in this transition, and we will maintain our focus on this in 2024. We will also produce our annual Operational Risk Horizon study and two Top Risk Reviews.

Investing in a new data exchange system

Throughout 2024, we will be working on developing a new data exchange system to replace our current Insight system. The new application won’t be launched until 2025, but throughout 2024 we will be working closely with a technology partner to scope and develop the system. 

Download our full plan to find out more about our 2024 activities

See what we're working on this year


How to get involved with our activities

In line with our strategy of responding quickly to our community’s needs, many of this year’s projects will be delivered through our working groups and communities. This allows our members and subscribers to guide the direction of our work and enables us to understand which areas you’d most like to focus on. It also allows us to produce useful outputs more quickly.

If you're a member or subscriber, the best way to get involved in our work is through our groups. You can explore all of our working groups and communities on our website. 

If you're not a member or subscriber, then why not take a look at our different services to see how you benefit from our work? Don't forget, we also sell individual reports and references through ORX Select.

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