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Intelligence packs - November 2022

The Risk Intelligence Packs from ORX Scenarios each focus on a specific risk and are created at the request of our subscribers.

Financial services organisations can use them to enhance their operational risk scenario programmes through supporting workshop preparation, validation and other areas of the scenario process.

The packs pull together information from different ORX sources and are tailored to the needs of ORX Scenarios subscribers. 

There are currently more than 20 packs available, covering a wide variety of operational risk themes, including:

  • Rogue trading
  • Ransomware
  • Data Breach
  • Cyber business disruption
  • Natural disasters

What information do we use to create them?

The risk intelligence packs are developed using three main sources of information from across ORX's services: 

  1. ORX Scenarios Library – to find common risk drivers and cost components linked to specific risks
  2. ORX News – to understand real events that occurred to peers and the industry, utilising full descriptions that mention specific causes and consequences
  3. ORX Loss Data – where possible, we also use loss data to support estimation of the impact

Please note it is only possible to use information from ORX News and ORX Loss Data if your institution also subscribes to these services. 

Key benefits

  • Risk specific: subscribers can select the risks most important to them 
  • Comprehensive: provides information from ORX Scenarios Library, ORX News and ORX Loss Data
  • Included in ORX Scenarios subscription: ORX Scenarios subscribers can request Risk Intelligence Packs at no additional cost. Once they are produced the pack is available to all ORX Scenarios subscribers.

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