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Report - October 2021

Each year, following the annual scenario submissions, we produce a report exploring the trends and changes we can see in the ORX Scenarios Library. 

Created using information shared by over 50 financial organisations, the ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2021 report gives you a global picture of scenario practice in 2021.

ORX Scenarios subscribers can download the full report for our complete analysis. 

"Conduct, digitalisation, and resilience are among the key trends identified over the last year."

ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risk report 2021

Headline trends in the 2021 library

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In this episode of the ORX Operational Risk Podcast, the scenarios team discuss the findings from this study.

Conduct, digitalisation and resilience key trends in the ORX Scenarios library

Conduct, digitalisation, and resilience are among the key trends identified over the last year. Conduct-related scenarios such as improper business practices and mis-selling remain the most material concern, a trend compounded by the pandemic. 

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Simon Johnson

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Robert Reay-Jones

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Maddy Beckett

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