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Handbook - March 2023

The Greenwashing Scenario Development Handbook supports financial firms in developing their own greenwashing scenarios.

Against the backdrop of the growing regulatory and societal focus on climate change, ORX Scenarios have published this Greenwashing Scenario Development Handbook. 

Based on data submitted by, and discussions with, participating ORX Scenarios subscribers, this handbook provides practical guidance on the preparation, assessment, and governance of greenwashing scenarios.

Meet the growing regulatory and social focus on climate-related risks

The Greenwashing Scenario Development Handbook is available for free to all ORX Scenarios subscribers, or if you're not a subscriber you can purchase the ORX Greenwashing Scenario Toolkit, which includes the handbook.

The ORX Greenwashing Toolkit will give you all the information you need to create a robust and effective scenario for greenwashing. The toolkit includes the Greenwashing Scenario Development Handbook from ORX Scenarios and a selection of greenwashing resources from ORX News.















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Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

ORX Scenarios Senior Manager, ORX

Robert Reay-Jones

Robert Reay-Jones

Research Manager, ORX


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