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Benchmark - May 2018

The EU-wide stress test is a regular stress test assessment run under the supervision of the European Banking Authority (EBA).

In 2018, the EBA gave banks undergoing the assessment the option to make a voluntary, non-binding submission in mid-April. In response to this, ORX ran a quick survey on the methodological aspects of the operational risk submissions. This allowed member banks undergoing the assessment to gain an insight into the methodologies used by other participants.

The survey consisted of 14 questions focusing on the methodologies used in forecasting operational risk exposures. Special attention was paid to the forecasting of conduct risk exposures.

The survey was conducted within a short period of two weeks. A report presenting the results was distributed to participants shortly thereafter. Two webinars following the report gave participants the opportunity to view and ask questions on the key results.

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Annika Westphal

Annika Westphal

Risk Intelligence and Data Senior Manager, ORX


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