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Handbook - January 2019

The handbook focuses on the preparation, assessment, renewal and governance specifically for cyber-related data breach scenarios.

This Scenario Development Handbook on cyber-related data breach was created by bringing together ORX Scenarios subscribers to discuss approaches to scenario creation

The handbook contains detailed information on aspects including:  

  • Information sources used to prepare for the scenario workshop 
  • Dimensions to consider for developing scenario storyline (actors, type of data, technique, motivation) 
  • List of control failures that could lead to a cyber data breach materialising 
  • Risk drivers - to help determine severity of the impact 
  • Cost components -  to estimate the financial impact 
  • Examples of events that may trigger a cyber data breach scenario to be reviewed 

The handbook is available to all ORX Scenarios subscribers.

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This resource is available to ORX Scenarios subscribers

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Simon Johnson

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Robert Reay-Jones

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