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About this study - May 2024

ORX’s annual CCAR Quantitative Benchmark study provides firms with a personalised view of how elements of their CCAR submissions compare against those of peer firms that participate in the Federal Reserve’s CCAR exercise.

Since 2016, ORX has run annual CCAR Benchmark studies, which collect and report on industry data around firms’ CCAR stress test cycles.

Following feedback from CCAR Community members in 2022, ORX split out the quantitative element of its previous Benchmark studies, running this separately. Quantitative benchmark studies have been produced across 2023 and 2024.

In parallel, ORX has continued its research into firms’ CCAR methodologies – you can find out more about this on the CCAR Community webpage.

Benefits of participating

By participating, firms will gain unique insights into key ratios of loss projections that are modelled for CCAR across the industry. They may also benefit from insights relating to:

•    Inputs contributing to firms' CCAR loss projections 
•    Practices around material risk inclusion 
•    Practices around scenario usage for CCAR 

Data is benchmarked with the previous year’s submission data where possible, and added context is provided by benchmarking it against peer firms' data (of the same CCAR submission category). All of this helps participants get a sense of how similar or different their loss projections and inputs are from their peers' for this regulatory exercise.

The outputs for participants

The benchmark output consists of a personalised report, comparing each participating firm's quantitative CCAR data against that of peer firms. 

Please note that these studies run on a give-to-get basis (i.e. firms will need to submit data to gain access to the insights).

ORX typically shares some high-level, anonymised insights collected as part of the studies during CCAR Community update calls.

About the CCAR Community

Our CCAR Community is open to any of our members who submit CCAR submissions to the FRB. Some non-members may also be able to join – contact us to find out more.

The community meets regularly throughout the year to discuss topics relating to CCAR practice and stress testing. 

Join the CCAR Community to: 

  • Be part of a network of operational risk professionals who are involved in CCAR
  • Discuss important CCAR-focused issues with your peers
  • Keep on top of the latest developments in CCAR-related practice
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Martin Monakhov

Martin Monakhov

Research Manager, ORX

Sarah Astill

Sarah Astill

Head of Risk Measurement, ORX


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