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Project status

Survey live and closing on 17 May 2024

Open to

ORX Scenarios subscribers and ORX members


ORX Scenarios


Institutional basis (one survey submission per institution)

About the study




Take part in the end-to-end scenario process practice benchmark study from ORX Scenarios to understand the maturity of your scenario process. This study will benchmark your scenario process against the rest of the industry and compare your practice to your peers. 

Building on our 2021 practice benchmarking study, this project will highlight:
  • Key areas of progress and advancement since 2021, as well as remaining and new challenges  
  • Key areas of maturity and immaturity
  • Key areas of industry commonality and difference



Why should you take part?

Participants will receive a variety of outputs including:  

  • An end-to-end scenario process maturity matrix for insight and review both during and after the project
  • Individual benchmark reports on the full end-to-end scenario process, highlighting your maturity against all other participants, providing an industry benchmark
  • Peer benchmark reports on the full end-to-end scenario process (available on request), highlighting your maturity against selected peers
  • A state of the industry report combining data-driven insights and guidance on industry good practice at each stage of the end-to-end scenario process
  • A thought leadership paper on active and optimised scenario analysis
  • Videos and/or audio summaries of all deliverables

How to take part 

This benchmarking project is open to all ORX Scenarios subscribers. Participants of the ORX Scenarios Working Group are currently completing a matrix-based self-assessment and a brief practice survey. The survey launched on 2 April 2024 and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. The survey will close on 17 May 2024.

Exclusive chance for ORX members to participate

We're offering ORX members the opportunity to take part in this benchmarking project for free. Usually only open to ORX Scenarios subscribers, ORX members can join the project and get access to:

  • The end-to-end scenario process maturity matrix
  • An individual benchmark report
  • The thought leadership paper 

Please contact to find out more.

Project timeline


Survey opens

2 April 2024


Survey closes

17 May 2024

Report publication

June 2024

Project contacts

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

ORX Scenarios Senior Manager, ORX

Robert Reay-Jones

Robert Reay-Jones

Research Manager, ORX