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About the Capital Benchmark Study

The capital benchmark provides a unique insight into capital levels. Looking at both the global and regional level, it contains a detailed comparative analysis about the capital held in the banking industry.

ORX has been providing a capital benchmark report to its banking members since 2010, allowing banks to compare their operational risk capital to their peers.

Since 2018, we have been collecting the templates prepared as part of the Basel QIS exercise to provide a detailed benchmark of capital levels under current frameworks and the incoming standardised approach. In recent years, we have also collected additional items on modelled capital.

This year’s study will be a two-part exercise:

Part 1 – QIS benchmark

Part 2 – Analysis of modelled capital

Participation in either part of the exercise is optional, and participants will receive results for the parts for which they provide data. Part 2 of the exercise has been newly refreshed this year, using member feedback to ensure we are providing the most valuable peer benchmark of firms’ modelled capital. Metrics collected this year include information on Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 capital, and stress test projections.

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