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About the community

This community is open to all ORX members who are interested in this area. If you'd like to stay up to date with the community's work, be invited to virtual focus sessions and webinars, and have the chance to take part in projects and surveys focused on operational resilience, then please sign up below. You can take part in as many or as few of the activities as you like.

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What is the community working on in 2024?

This year, the community will be working on a variety of smaller individual studies and papers. We will be continuing our discussions regarding impact tolerances and metrics, as this continues to be an area of focus. We will also look to expand the scope of our discussions to include operational resilience scenarios and stress testing.

In addition, we will be exploring opportunities to work with other ORX working groups to discuss topics such as the risks associated with the use of AI, and the impact of third parties on operational resilience from both a risk and control perspective.

Related group

Operational Resilience Working Group

The Operational Resilience Community includes the Operational Resilience Working Group. The working group meet regularly to discuss topics, work on specific projects, and to set the direction of the community activities. The working group is limited to a small group of representatives from each member organisation. Get in touch today to see who represents your firm at the Operational Resilience Working Group.

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Operational Resilience Community Lead

Matt Glinister

Matt Glinister

Head of Risk Management, ORX

Cameron Harvie

Cameron Harvie

Research Analyst, ORX

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The Operational Resilience Community is open to ORX members

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