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Top 5 ORX News Losses: Q4 2023


Each month, the ORX News team publish a list of the five largest operational risk losses reported in the previous month. Read on to find out which operational risk loss events have had the most impact in Q4 2023.

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December 2023


1. Pictet Group - $123 million

Pictet to pay USD 123 million to US Treasury for helping US clients commit tax evasion

2. Freepoint Commodities - $98.6 million

Freepoint Commodities to pay USD 98.6 million to settle Brazilian bribery scheme charges

3. Ozys - $81.7 million

Orbit Bridge loses USD 81.7 million in cyberattack

4. US Bancorp - $35.7 million

US Bank fined USD 35.7 million after mishandling benefit access via prepaid cards mid-pandemic

5. CITIC Group - $31.7 million

China CITIC fined CNY 224.8 million for 56 different risk management and governance violations

November 2023


1. Sai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank - $12.53 billion

SCB majority shareholder embezzles VND 304.10 trillion aided by board members and executives

2. Binance - $4.32 billion

Binance pays USD 4.32 billion to US regulators for extensive US sanctions and AML violations

3. Toyota Motor Corporation - $60 million

Toyota Motor Credit to pay USD 60 million to CFPB for illegal lending practices

4. AUB Group - $46.6 million

Tysers fined USD 46.6 million for bribing Ecuador officials to keep reinsurance business

5. Rabobank - $29 million

Rabobank fined EUR 26.6 million by EC over Euro-denominated bonds trading cartel

October 2023


1. TD Bank - $95 million

TD Bank settles USD 95 million with victims of TelexFree Ponzi scheme

2. General Electric - $61 million

GE to pay USD 61 million for alleged self-dealing in 401(k) plan before divestment

3. Metropolitan Commercial Bank - $29.5 million

Metropolitan Commercial Bank fined USD 29.5 million over customer identification via partner

4. Allstate - $25 million

Allstate reaches USD 25 million settlement over forbidden price optimisation

5. ADM Investor Services - $11.3 million

ADM Investor Services to pay GBP 9.3 million for ongoing AML compliance failures


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