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Top 5 ORX News Losses: Q2 2021


Do you know which op risk loss events have had the most impact recently? Read on for the 5 largest operational risk losses reported by ORX News in Q2 2021.


1. Deutsche Bank – $121.8m

Deutsche Bank provisions EUR 100 million to compensate customers over fee increase ruling.

2. Robinhood Markets – $69.6m

Robinhood agrees to pay USD 70 million for misleading customers and supervisory failures.

3. Collins Asset Group – $15.8m 

Collins Asset to pay USD 15.8 million for misleading investors to lend to shell companies.

4. Forex Capital Trading – $15.5m 

Forex CT ordered to pay AUD 20 million by ASIC for systemic unconscionable conduct.

5. Deutsche Bank – $11.9m

Deutsche Bank pays over EUR 10 million to JGC for alleged mis-selling for forex derivatives.

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1. UBS – $210.5m

UBS fined EUR 172.4 million by European Commission over EGB trading cartel.

2. Nomura – $158.2m

Nomura fined EUR 129.6 million by European Commission over EGB trading cartel.

3. UniCredit – $84.8m 

UniCredit fined EUR 69.4 million by European Commission over EGB trading cartel.

4. Swiss Life Group – $77.4m 

Swiss Life to pay USD 77.4 million for aiding US taxpayers avoid paying tax.

5. Bank of America – $75.0m

BofA to pay USD 75 million settlement for improperly charging overdraft and other fees.

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1. Koineks Teknolojileri – $2bn

Thodex stops trading as CEO allegedly flees with USD 2 billion in user funds in fraud claims. 

2. ABN AMRO – $575m

ABN AMRO pays EUR 480 million in fine and disgorgement over AML failings. 

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co. – $18.8m 

JPMorgan to pay up to USD 18.8 million over unpaid interest on mortgage funds held in escrow. 7

4. Bank of America – $15.3m 

Bank of America fined EUR 12.6 million by European Commission for SSA bond trading cartel.

5. Credit Suisse – $14.3m

Credit Suisse fined EUR 11.9 million by European Commission over SSA bonds trading cartel. 

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