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Trying to manage cyber risk without the right data and industry insights? 

A guiding light for 2nd line cyber risk management

ORX Cyber is a unique operational risk management service created specifically for cyber and information security risk professionals in the second line of defence.

With ORX Cyber, you can become part of a global community working together to improve cyber risk management. ORX Cyber combines cyber event data exchange with collaboration and research to provide second line practitioners with the insights and information they need to effectively manage and measure this key risk.

Become part of a global community developing cyber risk management
Access a trusted source of cyber and information security risk event data
Understand your risk exposure and see how it compares to your peer group
Improve your practice by learning from other financial organisations
Understand the latest industry trends through data and analysis

“In 2019 we started to work with ORX to develop a new product to allow members to share more information and incidents regarding cybersecurity. Although my company already participates in ORX’s general operational risk product [ORX Membership], cybersecurity is different and the need to focus and understand this space is growing exponentially. By offering this new product, ORX allows us to share critical cybersecurity information and ultimately incident data that will be critical to improving our management of cybersecurity risk and also helping to move the industry forward together.”

Vaughn Alliton, MD, Head of Technology Risk & Compliance, TIAA


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