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Report - April 2024

As organisations continue to digitise their operations, cyber threats have become a growing concern, particularly for the financial services industry.

There has been an unprecedented increase in emerging threats, particularly in the last two years, exacerbated by both the constant evolution of technology, especially generative AI, and by the innovation of cyber criminals. To preserve both assets and consumer confidence, the industry needs not just to prioritise this risk, but actively drive for improvements in how cyber risk is managed.

This white paper from ORX Cyber provides an overview of key industry priorities for strengthening cyber risk management. We spoke with 30+ senior cyber risk leaders from both first and second lines of defence, across some 16 organisations. We took the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face and their priorities for the next 12 to 18 months















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Steve Bishop

Research and Information Director, ORX

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Helen L’Abbate

Head of Services, ORX

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Melanie Lavallin

Senior Adviser, Research and Information, ORX

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