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Key outcomes of ORX Risk Management Control Framework discussion sessions

29 February 2024

About the episode

Listen to this episode of the ORX Operational Risk Podcast to hear Matthew Glinister, ORX Head of Risk Management, and Natasha Smith-Craig, ORX Assistant Research Manager, summarise the outcomes of recent sessions with the ORX Risk Management Working Group, which explored the operational risk management control framework. They cover how ORX members are describing and documenting their controls, how they categorise their controls and what attributes these controls have, how they record and capture their controls, and how they review and test them.

Episode resources

ORX members can read more via the following resources mentioned in the podcast:

ORX members can also find out more and sign up to the Risk Management Community and Working Group on our website. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more

This podcast is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify or anywhere else you get your podcasts from (search for 'The ORX Operational Risk Podcast' to find us.)

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