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Emerging risks in 2024: a comparative analysis for insurers and banks


The Operational Risk Horizon report 2024 presents the most significant emerging operational risks for the insurance and banking sectors over the next 12-36 months. This blog provides further analysis on the results, uncovering the unique differences in emerging risks between insurers and banks.

This year's Operational Risk Horizon was a survey of 48 top banks and insurers in the financial industry. The comprehensive report from the study is available for free to members or for non-members to purchase. It provides valuable insights for both the insurance and banking sectors, exploring the evolving landscape of these industries and shedding light on key differences that shape their risk profiles.

"Our in-depth analysis of emerging risk factors highlights specific insights from member firms, including region, industry, or firm-specific observations. These insights can be used to help shape future risk initiatives, such as scenario planning, operational resilience developments, or risk quantification.”
ORX Operational Risk Horizon 2024

ORX members can read on for an overview of the key results from the insurance sector and to see how that compares to the banking responses.


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