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Download the free white paper, Operational Risk Scenarios: From Risk Measurement to Risk Management and Beyond, from ORX Scenarios to see how scenario analysis and methodology could develop to support active operational risk management in the financial sector.

How can scenarios move from risk measurement to risk management and business support?

In this white paper and our discussions with the industry, we started by looking at how scenario analysis is currently being used and at the recent developments in practice. We then moved on to look at the future and the role scenarios can play in active risk management and how scenario methodology can be used in the future.

What's included in the white paper?

The white paper covers:

  • How scenarios are currently being used
  • Why firms find it hard to use scenarios for other purposes
  • Your operational risk management goals and objectives for the next 12 months
  • Future uses of scenarios, including for supporting business decisions

Get your free white paper today to make sure you stay at the forefront of scenario analysis and practice.

"Although [scenario analysis is] still being primarily used to support the measurement of operational risks, there is movement to gain risk management benefit from the exercise"

ORX Scenarios, Operational Risk Scenarios: From Risk Measurement to Risk Management and Beyond white paper


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